The Wonderful Adventure Of SouthWonder

 The SouthWonder brand was created in 2019 in Miami, Florida by 2 friends Drawn by their passion for ocean-centric activities, and the desire to give back. They embarked on a journey to develop a brand that wasn’t just a logo… they wanted it to represent a style of life.

How the Adventure started  

 I decided to sit down and design a turtle in photoshop for fun. Dreaming of a better way of life I had a wonderful idea and then after long days of hard work SouthWonder was born. Unfortunately I couldn't do it on my own and I thought my wonderful idea was over, and would be another unfulfilled dream washed down the drain. After days of contemplating what to do, I spoke with my good friend Eduardo seeking some advice and his reply was “how can I help”. Once he joined and started helping me, everything came together, as we both have a love for the ocean and marine life, so we started thinking of ways that we can make a difference in the deep blue sea. What a better idea than donating and volunteering in sea turtle conservations and making sure someones always there for the little guys. We had already tried to start other businesses but this idea wasn't like the other ones because this idea was supported by our passion to want to better sea life so our future generations to come would be able to see, and enjoy cleaner and thriving ocean life. That is the SouthWonder story and the message we have set out to give to all our customers and social media followers. So follow us on this courageous adventure while we try our best to make the ocean as clean as we possibly can one piece of Trash at a time. If you’ve gotten this far I’m sure by now you're wondering who is the man behind this wonderful idea well let me introduce myself, Hi I’m Sandy Wong.

SOUTHWONDER Nation Decals 

When you really like something you become a fan, as a fan you become proud and passionate to show the world that you rep an allegiance to a particular thing, that thing being SouthWonder. Being a SouthWonder enthusiast we invite you to look at our wonderful decals that are not just ordinary stickers but more like a significant representation of your passion and your genuine love of the ocean stand out an show others just how passionate you are. Click Here


Here at SouthWonder, we are passionate about the ocean and protecting it for years to come. We have joined with organizations that strive to protect the ocean and its wildlife through conservation efforts, enforcement, reef creation and sustainability programs. Through these efforts, we hope that future generations will continue to Live the SouthWonder Adventure ! Learn more about these organizations. Click Here

Are You In?

If your happiness revolves around the ocean, sand and helping then you're already living the SouthWonder adventure. But there's no better time than right now to show your passion to the world by proudly rocking the SouthWonder gear. Shop Now
Our many ocean loving Divers, surfers, fishermen, kayakers, beach-lovers and many others will tell you that SouthWonder Isn't simply a brand; it's a lifestyle and a matter of choice.
Are you one of us? Are you in?
Now's the time to gear up and live the SouthWonder adventure!


We are not a nonprofit and do not accept donations. Today, our ocean cleanup and events is funded primarily by your SOUTHWONDER product purchases. In the future, we hope to advance our mission further by employing new business solutions.
We believe business can be a force for good and hope our model encourages others to pursue creative solutions to this global crisis.


Volunteer with the SouthWonder Crew
Volunteer to work side-by-side with the SouthWonder Squad and help make sure our next cleanup is an exciting and educational adventure.