SOUTHWONDER is a Company built on authenticity.
Since founding the Company in 2019  and opening Mr.Sandy Wong & Eduardo Alvarez have built the business based on fun family and the Love The Feeling. Their creative, spirit, and perseverance through all these years are what make SOUTH WONDER  what it is today:A premium apparel, accessories, The iconic stature of The SOUTHWONDER Turtle has attracted customers from all over the world.
There is only one SOUTH WONDER The Cost of Counterfeiting
The sale of counterfeit products eliminates tens of thousands of jobs held by legitimate businesses, jeopardizes fair wages and workplace safety, and negatively impacts economic growth. Counterfeit products pose a serious health and safety risk since they are produced without regard to laws or regulations meant to protect consumers. Moreover, profits from counterfeit sales are often used to fund large criminal organizations, including drug cartels and terrorist groups.
Protecting Our Brands
Be Sure You Are Purchasing Authentic Ralph Lauren Products
We believe our consumers deserve to know what they are buying and deserve to enjoy the authentic SouthWonder products that convey the true Turtle spirit and experience.The only way to ensure you are purchasing new and authentic South Wonder products is to purchase from our authorized retailers. Authentic South Wonder products can be purchased directly from, and select third-party retailers.
South Wonder does not sell products through other sources such as individuals, internet auctions, or flea markets. Products offered by these sources as South Wonder  may be counterfeit or stolen property.
Please note that South Wonder does not authenticate products obtained from third parties.
If you have information about counterfeit SouthWonder merchandise, please contact us via email at Please provide as many details as possible (such as the source, price, and any pictures you may have). Our consumers are an invaluable part of Southwonder’s brand protection team, and we thank you for your help!